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Some of My favorite Things!

It is the little extras that can make all the difference in our skin care routine.  Here are two of my favorite things that cost very little time and money to add to your skin care regime.

First, is the micodermabrasion cloth: It is simple and easy to use. You just add water and it takes off all your makeup. I love to double cleanse. So I use my cloth, then I follow with my favorite cleanser.

Second, I love this little face shaver: It gives me a nice exfoliation, and gets rid of those pesky little hairs that love to randomly pop up on my face!  I use it twice a week.  

If you want to really go for it, you can use the microdermabrasion cloth, shave, then use the derma roller followed by your favorite masque!  

Flawless skin here we come!!!

xoxox, Dawn

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